Muslim Terrorists Strike Again-Mosque In Copenhagen!

First, these Muslims want mosques in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Indonesia and other such places, then they want mosques in Spain and France and other such places, and then they want a mosque in Manhattan, and now as part of their world wide plot to spread mosques, they are building one in Copenhagen. Fortunately, this intrepid reporter has uncovered the plot by a group of imams who gathered one night on the border of the US and Canada to plot their overthrow of Christianity and Judaism by building one mosque after another until there is no room left at the inn for a decent church of synagogue. Muslim agents paid off the Copenhagen City Council in order to get a 45 -3 vote for construction of a new mosque. The City Council, undoubtedly under the influence of drugs and money, made the following ridiculous comment: “Islam is the second largest religion in Copenhagen with more than 50,000 followers, so those people should absolutely have a mosque.” I am shocked at this naive comment. Don’t Danes know that Muslims use mosques to hid weapons of mass destruction?

It is time for God fearing Christians and Jews and Buddhists and atheists to band together and prevent Muslim radical terrorists to construct mosques in key locations in cities. They will store explosives in these mosques and when the entire place is filled with people, blow it up and then blame deaths on Mossad. Muslim terrorists are clever little people. Thank God in America we have anti-mosque leaders who are prepared to kill all Muslims in the name of freedom and blow up all mosques in the name of religious freedom and return all Muslims to Saudi Arabia until that country allows construction of a synagogue and Church.

  • journeyer58

    In your history of writing Fred, I have yet to find as ironic and insane a reporting of a story as this.
    This is absolutely hilarious.