Muslim Threat To Germany!

The nation of Germany has confronted difficult challenges during the past century ranging from Nazi Germany to Depression and violence, but none compares to the latest assault on German freedom– Muslim groups will be passing out free Korans on the streets of cities! The estimated 2,500 extreme Muslim fanatics known as “Salafists” have organized a program where people will be halted on streets and offered a free copy of the Koran! Imagine the consequences of having Muslims try to convert Christians and Jews in Germany!

As an American, at least once  a year two well dressed young men wearing white shirts appear at my door and explain their desire to convert me from Judaism to the one true  religion of Mormonism. I also have been given leaflets, Bibles and other religious material by those who believe they possess the one true religion. As of this date  I have not succumbed the their pleas.

How can 2,500 Muslims in Germany convert Christians? Why the uproar?

Actually, in all honesty I am willing to convert to any religion if offered sufficient money.