Muslim Vs Muslim

Most inhabitants of planet Earth are living in the year, 2012, but a considerable number remain stuck in the past. In Pakistan, there is a prevailing mind set, whether among those in college or those living in rural villages, that religion is the most important aspect of life. A high percent of Pakistanis fervently are committed to a fundamentalist interpretation of religion and anyone who dares to disagree should be killed. So far this year about 320 Shiite Muslims have been murdered for the crime of not being a Sunni Muslim.

Last Saturday a group of  Hazara Muslims were selling vegetables when men on motorcycles drove by blasting away because they were not of the Sunni branch. A day earlier, a Shiite judge and his bodyguards were murdered. Naturally, if someone is actually arrested for such crimes they never go to  jail, Two years ago a Minister in the government was murdered for defending rights of minorities and hundreds of lawyers demonstrated in support for the murderer!

What exactly is taught in Pakistan law schools? Hail the killer??