Muslim Youth Typical Adolescents

At the age of 80 among the most accurate observations I can make is that one adolescent is the same as another and young people these days are more alike to youth of the past. The Fundamental Rights Agency, (FRA) in a survey of about 3,000 Muslim and non-Muslim youths in England, France, and Spain, that young people across the board were most likely to turn to violence if they were subject to violence. “Young people who are discriminated against and feel socially marginalized, and those who have been a victim of violence are more likely to use violence against others.” The survey also discovered, “there are no indications that Muslim youth are more or less likely to resort to actual violence than non-Muslims.” Actually, about a fourth of youth in the survey have experienced discrimination such as bullying or physical attacks. It appears Muslim young people are more likely to be the subject of such attacks than other groups in the countries that were surveyed.

There is nothing surprising about this survey. If it had been taken ten or twenty or fifty years ago the same results would have emerged. The only difference is the name of he bullied group. Most likely, the group bullied in the past now bullies Muslim youth. Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.