Muslims Against Muslims!

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood historically regarded Israel as the number one enemy in the Middle East. Bungling on the part of the Netanyahu simply reinforced the idea that focus should be on Israel rather than on fellow Muslim militants. Yesterday, a group of militants from the Gaza Strip and from Egypt, attacked an Egyptian check point and killed sixteen soldiers. The goal was seizing military vehicles, dashing to the border with Israel, entering and kidnapping an Israel soldier who would be used as a hostage to free Palestinians prisoners.

President Morsi now confronts the need to organize his society to fight Muslim militants. He is furious that Muslim militants would attack a government headed by the historic Muslim militant organization! Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak, said he warned Egypt about such possible attacks and urged Morsi to tighten security in the Sinai desert area.

The most important focus for the Morsi government must be on uniting all groups within Egypt, putting aside the Palestinian issue–for the moment– reviving the economy and getting people working in meaningful jobs.