Muslims Are Victims Of Prejudice

I always find surprising how Muslim groups will run into streets protesting what they term to be discrimination against their religion because someone madea  video or someone drew some cartoons, but these same people never protest death of their fellow Muslims. No band of imams has taken to the streets in protest of the murder of over 30,000 Muslims while these same men go wild because of an “insult” to Muhammad. I am certain Muhammad would prefer Muslims fighting for the rights of Muslims than worrying about cartoons and videos.

The Rohingya Muslims of Myammar are considered by the UN to be among the most persecuted groups in the world. Burmese security forces refuse to allow these people to travel, restrict what they can do for a living  and have stood idly by while mosques are burned and  people murdered. Has anyone heard of a Muslim group anywhere in the world protesting about this persecution? Of course not, they are busy shouting  about a cartoon!

Over  100,000 of these persecuted people are homeless. When will Muslims stand up for Muslims?