Muslims Get Even With — Join A Cartoon Contest!!

Indonesian Muslim groups have urged people to remain calm in the face of a cartoon contest which features visual images about the Prophet Muhammad. South African cartoonist drew Muhammad on a couch asking a psychiatrist, “how come other Prophets have followers who have a sense of humor.” OK, it is pay back time for Muslims. Following are some cartoon contests that Muslims can begin on Facebook. AND NO CENSORING ALLOWED!!

Jesus visiting Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi

Pedophile Priests In Action

Sarah Palin Drinking From A Bottle of Water

Israeli Settlers Cutting Down Olive Trees of Palestinians

Ahmadinejad Confronting Protesting Students

Chinese Prime Minister Visiting A Coal Mine

A Meeting of Goldman Sachs Stock Market Brokers

Tea Party Leaders Reviewing US Army After Income Tax Is Abolished

Barry Bonds Getting Ready To Bat

Benjamin Netanyahu Praying At Barrier Wall To Keep Out Palestinians

President Sarkozy Having Sex With Merkel

Prime Minister Putin Meeting Human Rights Activists

Tony Blair Explaining to Chilcot Inquiry Iraq Invasion Decision

Anyway, my Muslim friends, try out these cartoon contests on Facebook and listen to the howls of anger