Muslims In Pakistan Still Angry

Several weeks ago a sixteen year old Christian girl in Pakistan, who apparently is illiterate and has difficulty in functioning on a daily basis, was charged with burning pages of the Koran. This unleashed hundreds of Muslims on a Christian neighborhood where they burned homes and drove out Christian people–in the name of God. The girl, Rimsha Masily was arrested on the charge of blasphemy and is now in prison where she weeps in fear. Those who burned homes are very proud of themselves, and want the girl to die.

Pakistan police arrested a Muslim Imam named Khalid Jadown Chrishti on charges that he planted evidence to implicate the girl in this “crime.” A typical response from Muslim folk was,”if the cleric gets charged in this case, we are all behind him.” Talk about mental retardation! Oh well, we have learned that this cleric will be supported by the American Tea Party since his attitude is not that different from passing laws requiring ID in order to vote.