Muslims Kill Muslims

Fox News and other Americans who fear “Islamic terrorists” continue sounding warnings about evil Muslims whose only concern in life is to kill decent, hard working Christians. Over in Pakistan, it is a daily occurrence for Sunni Muslims to attack and murder Shiite Muslims while in Afghanistan the Shiites do most of the killing and their object is none other than Sunni Muslims. Somehow, Christians and westerners are after thoughts in the killing game. Yesterday in Pakistan a series of bombings left at least 115 Shiites dead.

The suicide game leads to a Shiite or a Sunni Muslim blowing self up in order to get into heaven. The only group that gets new business during the suicide season is the local hospital and staff. Ironically, Pakistan’s ISI secret intelligence organization helped to create Sunni terrorist groups.

I assume one day they will come after Christians and then Fox News will actually have a  true  story of Muslim terrorists killing Christians.