Muslims Killing Muslims

I am not the type of person who goes to churches or synagogues or mosques or any building which claims to be the place in which one communicates with God. I figure God really does not care how you send a message, it is the quality of what is said, not where it is said. Hundreds of people were gathered in a shrine of a Muslim Sufi saint in Pakistan. Two men dressed like everyone else except for the suicide vests on their bodies wandered toward the shrine, and when denied entry made themselves into bombs. So far at least 41 bodies have been found along with dozens of wounded people. I assume these humans were attempting to communicate with God or someone up there, but others were angry about something. Here is where I get lost with religious folk. They claim to believe in the same God, but one group places the comma at one point in the sentence while the other places it somewhere else.

What else could we do if religious when some heretic places the comma in the wrong spot–blow the damn bastard to hell! The bombers of truth go on and on killing Muslims on and on and it will not stop. There are times I wish God would send one of those thunderbolts toward these humans who claim to believe in his ideas. Or, if He was compassionate, how about sending the comma folk to another planet. What will they say when they arrive and no life form ever heard of God or Christ or Moses or Mohammed?