Muslims On Alert In UK

Muslim residents of the United Kingdom are on alert these days, given recent events in Norway and the growing strength of neo-Fascist groups in Europe which blame economic problems on “those Muslims.” Extra police have been placed at mosques throughout the country and Muslim leaders report a growing fear that England will be the next place to witness attacks on defenseless people. The presence of the English Defense League, which inspired Mr. Breivik to launch his murder of the innocent indicates there are plenty of nut cases inhabiting the British isles. There is a growing sense in the United States and Europe that economic and social problems are caused by the presence of Muslims. Of course, this is perfect hogwash for Fox News which seeks to divert attention from Republican economic and military mistakes by shifting blame to Muslim immigrants.

After all, nearly 30% of Republicans still believe their president was a Muslim who was born in Africa so it should not be too difficult convincing these masses of ignorant sheep that Wall Street is controlled by Muslim billionaires who take government money and bankrupt the average citizen.