Muslims Pray At Pentagon!!

Opponents of allowing a mosque to be built close to Ground Zero of the 9/11 attack have been handed a new issue which should result in hundreds of angry hateful statements, Glenn Beck drawings and Rush and others who devote their lives to much ado about nothing to continue shouting about much ado about nothing. It appears the Pentagon has had a nondenominational chapel located within 80 feet from where Muslim attackers hit the building. The chapel is open to those of all faiths who seek to pray. On Fridays, a Muslim imam from a local mosque conducts services for Muslims who are either members of the armed forces or government employees. Of course, we can expect a Fox News special on why Muslims are allowed to work in the Pentagon, given that Muslims tried to blow up the building. After all, according to right wing pundits if you meet a Muslim, be on guard because one Muslim is like all terrorist Muslims.

I was raised in the 1930s when right wing pundits ranted and raved if a Jewish gangster was on trial that it meant all Jews were gangsters. In the West, during the struggle against Indians, a common expression was, “the only good Indian is a dead one.” In my current life in America in the year, 2010, I encounter people who believe if you are a Muslim then you are responsible for the actions of all evil Muslims in the world.

P.S. Has anyone considered the need to make those with German names pay special reparations to the state of Israel because Germans killed six million Jews during WWII?