Muslims Upset At Muslims Killed By Jews-Not By Muslims!

The death of nine people killed by bullets from weapons of the Israel Defense Force set off an uproar of anger throughout the Muslim world with thousands marching in streets with banners demanding action. Over 2,000 Muslims have just been murdered in Kyrgyzstan and we do not notice any marches in Muslim nations to demand action to halt this slaughter. Over 400,000 Uzbeck Muslims have been displaced and sent to refugee camps but we do not notice any planes flying from Muslim nations with food and supplies. Of course, if twenty Muslims were murdered by Israeli troops, the Muslim world would be at the UN demanding investigations and punishment. The death of a single person is one death too many. The death of nine innocent people is terrible, but to be silent when 2,000 are killed, when dozens of Muslim women are raped, when hundreds of children are burned to death and remain silent sends a message regarding what upsets those in Muslim societies.

Interim leader, Rosa Otunbayea promises aid to Uzbecks, but media on the scene insist most aid at this point is not going to the minority Uzbecks, but to the Kyrgz who began the slaughter.

As I recall, when someone published a cartoon, the streets of many cities in the Muslim world were filled with angry individuals. Any anger when the murderers are Muslim and the victims are Muslims?