Must President Calderon Produce Papers?

There is growing concern whether Mexican President Calderon will be compelled to show his birth certificate in order to have his plane land in Arizona. After all, we just can not make exceptions for those illegal immigrants who take jobs away from God-fearing Americans. To make matters worse, this illegal Mexican has the nerve to insult our wonderful Arizona police who simply want to stop and search anyone who looks sort of dark skinned. According to the wetback from Mexico, “criminalizing immigration, which is an economic and social phenomenon, this way, opens the door to hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.” There are reports the Mexican government is issuing warning to its citizens to avoid Arizona due to its “adverse political atmosphere.”

I get tanned in the summer, and this most probably means if I am in Arizona I should carry around my birth certificate. As a loyal Tea Party idiot, I expect the Arizona legislature to pass laws requiring the president of the United States to produce a birth certificate before he can enter our hallowed state. Let one escapee from Africa into Arizona, and there is no telling how many of “those people” will follow behind.