My Ancestors Were Killers!

I am of Cro-Magnon heritage and therefore carry within my genes ancient ideas of my ancestors. I realize that my ancestors  somehow did away with those pesky Neanderthal folk but was not too clear how this came about. New evidendce reveals that about 71,000 years ago my ancestors had developed a new technology that used “bladelets” as sharp tips for arrows and spears. It appears that every time some ancient site is uncovered new evidence emerges that the old folk of my life were  lethal killers.

I want to offer a public apology to any and all descendants of Neanderthal for what my ancestors did to your ancestors. Then again, I have a suspicion that if  Neanderthals had bladelets they would have used them against the Cro-Magnons. Let us face reality–all life forms on this planet enjoy killing.

So, tell me, God, was that part of the original design?