My Country Tis Of Torture

I was raised in an America engaged in World War II. We gasped in horror at the cruel and inhumane behavior of those evil Japs and Nazis and were so glad to live in a country which did not physically abuse prisoners. We definitely were the good guys and we hated and opposed the bad guys. So, how do I as an American defend, excuse or even attempt to explain the place known as Guantanamo Bay prison which contains dozens of men who have spent over a decade being physically and mentally abused without ever once being charged with a crime?? Oh, I forgot, someone, somewhere picked them up as a “terrorist”and since someone, somewhere arrested them, these men MUST be guilty of something. Just give me some time and I will explain exactly what this person did a dozen years ago that means he must remain in prison for the rest of his life and be tortured.

Lawyers for Emad Hassam claim their client has been force fed over 5,000 times in a gruesome manner. He was picked up in Pakistan in 2002 after flying from Yemen to that nation in order to go to college. As of this date, no crime has been charged to him, there is no evidence of any crime he did, but since PAKISTAN police, those shining examples of purity and honesty, picked him up,he must be guilty. Mr. Hassam has been water tortured, placed in terrible physical restraints,but no one will charge him with a crime. How can a person defend themselves against accusations without knowing the crime??

This is America, the land of freedom??