My Name Is Blaer

Every so often on encounters a story from another nation which makes clear that our beloved Republican party is not the only group of nuts who play important roles in governing a nation. A fifteen year old girl in Iceland is involved in a  conflict with her government because her mother gave her the name of Blaer. In Icelandic that means, “light breeze.” This nation has a Personal Names Register which governs which names can be bestowed on a  baby. The priest whom baptized Blaer made mistake of allowing the name to slip threw and now the entire nation is threatened with economic, political and social disaster because someone is walking around causing a light breeze to trail after her.

Frankly, after enduring Republican nut cases it is impossible for me to grasp the nature of what is being debated. Of course, in my fair land, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made the first bill proposed in the House of Representatives focus on a Light Bill which returns America to prior light bulb standards.

Has Michele considered moving to Iceland?