My Second Amendment Rights!

Robert Zygarowisk is a God fearing man who lives in the United States of America which means that he has RIGHTS! I am certain that he is a member of the National Rifle Association which means his rights are not to be interfered with by any damn person claiming to be a member of a police force. Imagine his distress when police officer Anderson pulled him over for some alleged mistake in driving. Didn’t this cop know that our 2nd Amendment right is never to be pulled over by any member of a police force?After all when I am in MY car, that is akin to being in MY home! So, what else could Robert do but pull out his stun gun and stun this man who was threatening HIS right to be in HIS car without interference by the police!

So, Robert sped away and sped away through a few states like New Hampshire and Massachusetts and the only time he halted was to get some gas. Naturally, he told the guys at the gas station that he had HIS guns and was prepared to blast away at the Police! Remember, the US Constitution gives each citizen the right to shoot any member of the GOVERNMENT! This is an American right.

OH well, just another example of the madness that afflicts the United States of America, the land of the NRA, and the land in which no cop can stop me while in MY car!