Myanamr Aid Still Blocked By Military Junta

A cyclone has killed over 100,000 people in their nation and left over one million displaced but the military junta which has ruled Myanmar with an iron fist for forty years is in a state of happiness because their new constitution received 92.4% of the vote. As the generals focused on getting out the vote, the UN was begging it for permission to fly in needed help. The U.N. World Food Program estimates it will have to rush in 390 tons of food every day to reach the 750,000 victims but as of this date, only 300 tons have been allowed to enter. The UN is further hampered because the junta insists only Burmese can be working on disaster relief despite the reality the nation lacks trained personnel and equipment to handle such a vast undertaking.

So far, only 40 visas have been issued to UN staff and another 46 to nongovernment personnel. This is far too few to confront the complex program of bringing aid to the refugees. There are reports Burmese soldiers are taking supplies and storing them away rather than distributing food and water to the refugees. Human Rights Watch has reports the military is taking high-protein biscuits for themselves and distributing low-quality ones.

Many years ago George Orwell worked in Burma. I suspect if he was alive today, the book 1984 would be cast in Burma.