Myanmar-In Name Of Democracy–Shut Up!

Myanmar’s military junta is in the process of submitting a new constitution for their nation which supposedly will allow democracy to flourish. As first step in the move toward Myanmar style democracy the government stated anyone who distributes lelaflets or makes speeches against the new constitution can be imprisoned for three years. The Constitutional Referendum to be submitted to the nation allows for voting to be postponed or canceled in places affected by a “natural disaster, security breach, or other harm that could endanger the holding of a free and fair referendum.” The new constitution contains a provision that will prevent opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from running for public offices.

In the wonderful world of Myanmar democracy, anyone who makes speeches or hands out leaflets opposing the new constitution is guilty of a crime. Among guidelines for voting, any Monks, nuns, high-ranking Christian and Hindu officials or the mentally ill are not eligible to vote in the upcoming free election. Ballot boxes will be counted at polling stations and no outside observers will be allowed to monitor the process in order to ensure that democracy is in full operation. Actually, why bother to hold a “referendum” when the result of it is already known? The farce of what goes for “democracy” in Myanmar is an insult to the intelligence of the Burmese people.