Myanmar Junta Still Repulsive

Armed police in trucks patrolled Yangon’s streets as fearful Burmese who last year had participated in protests against the government remained in their homes to avoid once again being brutalized by their leaders. A spokesperson Myanmar’s pro-Democratic party said fear reigns in his nation and few would even dare to pray at the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. According to Nyan Win of the National League of Democracy(NLD) said: “People are frightened now because of the bomb blast yesterday. I do not think protests like last year will happen again because of the security.”

Despite last year’s protests, the military junta which rules the nation has no intention of giving into forces of democracy. Leaders of the NLD have been told by police to avoid making provocative statements or face the consequences that arise when people oppose the government. There are reports dozens of democratic leaders have been arrested in recent months.