Myanmar Military Junta Continues Blocking Aid

Thailand was able to send a medical team into Burma on the 14th day of a disaster that has had scant impact on the thinking of the ruling military junta. The Myanmar government insists the death total is about 43,000 but UN estimates range as high as 130,000. The Burmese government is only using six helicopters each day and has turned down offers of addditional planes from Western nations claiming everything is under control. US aid is only trickling in since the Burmese are maintaining close watch over any aid coming from a western nation.

The reality is nothing much can be done for the Burmese people since western and Asian nations lack the will to enforce tough actions which might upset the thugs who run Burma. India, Indonesia, and China have invested billions into Burma and are making money from trade with that nation. There is no economic incentve to take any action which would result in antagonizing the military leaders. In the meantime, the people suffer.