Myanmar Military Junta Cracks Down On Dissidents

The Myanmar military junta which has ruled the nation for decades is proposing a new constitution which the population is virtually ordered to accept or face the consequence of dissenting. For some reason, the thugs who run Myanmar feel the need to clothe their brutality in some form of constitutional cover. In preparation for the vote in May, hundreds of followers of Aung San Suu Kyi are being picked up and placed under arrest in order to prevent any form of opposition to the constitution. Nyan Win of the National League for Democracy, noted: “Arrests of National League for Democracy members and intimidation against opponents are becoming more frequent.” A group was arrested on Sunday for wearing tee shirts which had one word, “NO.” Myo Nunt, a close aide of Suu Kyi was arrested for sleeping at the house of a friend without informing authorities of this terrible act of defiance.

The situation in Myanmar is of no real interest to the world which has gone on to more interesting topics of concern. The Burmese people are far away in a distant land governed by brutal thugs and since there are no street demonstrations, there apparently is no need for other nations to express concern. Such is life in the modern world.