Myanmar Military Junta Manipulates Election

Myanmar’s sudden announcement this week that opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi would be barred from participating in the upcoming election threw a damper on any hope they would back down from their refusal to accept any aspects of democracy. On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Nyan Win told a regional gathering in Singapore the new constitution barred her from running because she was married to a foreigner. Sunai Phasuk, of the Human Rights Watch, commented: “They have one goal in mind, that is to prevent Aung San Suu Kyi from taking office. All the rules have been set to prevent her for various reasons from running.” In the last free election she won an overwhelming majority which was then voided by the military junta.

After last fall’s demonstrations in Burma that were led by monks, the world hoped the junta might take a few steps back from their policies of refusing to budge on allowing democracy, but it is now apparent that hope is gone. It is even doubtful if her party, the National League for Democracy, will ever make it to the ballot.

Things remain the same. The junta is in complete power, India and China court these thugs in order to get economic concessions, and the people of Burma just suffer in silence.