Myanmar Opposition Terms Junta Plans Shameful

Myanmar’s opposition party, The National League for Democracy, staged a protest outside of its headquarters to express dismay at the decision of the nation’s military junta to institute a new constitution and hold elections in 2010. UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon termed the so-called elections a backward step because there had not been any consultation with members of opposition parties nor was there any indication those opposed to the junta would be able to engage freely in the electoral process. Senior General Than Shwe dismissed complaints by the NLD by telling the nation on television, “Subversive elements with a negative attitude are resorting to diverse means and ways to weaken unity among the country’s ethnic groups.”

Whenever, the military junta terms a group or person “subversive” it means they have expressed an opinion that runs contrary to those of the generals who rule Burma. The US State Department correctly termed the entire election process a “sham.”