Myanmar War Crimes To Be Exposed!

An independent American group is assuming the task of investigating war crimes perpetrated on the part of the current government of Myanmar against its own citizens. The Center for Constitutional Democracy at Indiana University, said his group would begin the investigation in order to determine if there is evidence war crimes have been committed by the military junta which governs the country. David Williams said: “our goal would be to gather the evidence and try to come out with some objective conclusions about whether there are or not”(war crimes).

Williams said he had gathered numerous stories “about how the military government is murdering villagers, it’s blowing up rice paddies so that they dry out, it’s setting fires to villages, it’s laying mines in those villages s that when the people come back some of them get blown up.” His reports suggest many villagers are fleeing to the ills in order to find a place to rebuild their village, but without the rich soil that once served them well in producing crops. The result may well be widespread famine.

The military junta has absolutely no interest in their own people, they believe that Myanmar exists so they can extract its wealth.