There is no question that democracy is witnessing a rebirth in the nation of Myanmar or Burma or whatever you wish to identify this Asian country. Opposition leaders have been released from jail, they can travel freely to other areas of the world, newspapers now write stories that last year would have resulted to a trip to prison, BUT, there is something amiss in this vast area of the world. If one is a member of the 4% of the population which is of the Muslim faith then brutality, death, and oppression are daily encounters. The Obama administration is considering restoration of military connections with the Burmese armed forces. Gee, just what is really needed-planes, tanks, missiles, soldiers on the ground and death and destruction. At this very moment, monks are leading mobs in assaults on Muslims who are regarded as enemies of the state and the Buddhist religion.

It is finally time for the United States to attempt an experiment. No military aid, but business training, helping schools to blossom rather than guns to appear and a focus on the economy of business rather than the economy of death.