Mysterious Fires Frighten Turks In Germany

Fires on Sunday and Monday that engulfed buildings inhabited mainly by Turks in Germany have left at least nine dead. Since survivors believe the fires were set by anti-immigrant Germans, the Turkish government has sent a team of investigators to uncover evidence as to the origin of the fires. Following the fires in Ludwigshaven on Sunday afternoon that claimed the lives of nine and injured 60 others, another building, mainly inhabiterd by Turks, went up in flames in the western German cvity of Herne.

Survivors of the fire in Ludwigshaven report the presence of a strange man who when asked why he was in the building replied, “I am a German.” Many were trapped in the building when the wooden staircase collapsed forcing people to jump from windows. Turkey’s ambassador to Germany expressed hope it was an accident but worried it might be an example of the anti-Turkish feeling prevalent among certain groups within Germany.

At present, there is no conclusive evidence the fire was an example of arson, but there will be suspicions as long as German politicians go around ranting and preaching anti-Muslim rhetoric to enflame public opionion.