Mystery Of Death In France

Mohammed Merah was a rather strange man. Of Algerian heritage he was raised in France and developed an interest in this nation. He volunteered to serve in its army and was very disappointed when turned down for a military career. He travelled to Pakistan and Afghanistan where he wound up receiving training from al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Somewhere along the road of his life journey, Mohammed developed great anger towards France and Jews.

A few weeks ago, he got on a motorcycle while wearing a black helmet and proceeded to murder three French soldiers. This week, back to his scooter, and death for a Rabbi and three Jewish children. Yesterday, French police trapped him in an apartment and Mohammed decided to leap from a window to his death.

What exactly was the meaning of his life? Why, at one point did he seek to defend France and at another decide to kill French soldiers? He is simply another of those mysteries of life. What else can one say?