Mystery Of Two Nuns, Convent, Man And Pope Benedict

A mystery is catching the attention of Romans as two nuns have chained themselves in front of the Vatican and appealed to Pope Benedict XV to grant them permission to return to a convent from which they were expelled. Dressed in Camelite habits, the two nuns say they have been thrown out of a convent they left for health reasons in 2002. “After 50 or 60 years of monastic life dedicated to the Church, we were thrown helpless into the street like two bags of garbage,” claimed Sister Albina Locantore, 72 who had chained herself along with 79 year-old Sister Teresa Izzi. They both are still chained in an area of St. Peter’s Square where the Pope gives his Sunday prayer.

Local media sources say the nuns were evicted by church authorities after an investigation revealed the presence of a man in the convent. It is believed he extorted money from the monastery through means of the nuns.

We ordinarily do not print such stories but there is something mysterious and sadly oblivious to human rights in this tale of two elderly nuns on the streets of Rome. Surely, this is a more humane manner of dealing with this situation. How about some Christian charity?

  • Lucia

    I believe that someone should investigate and report the “facts” rather than react solely to the emotions evoked by elderly women (nuns?) chaining themselves to the Vatican. Since Italy has socialized medicine, there would have been little problem for them to find housing. Please know that very recently here in California, two elderly women were tried and convicted of insuring and murdering older, homeless men. It was a horrid scheme. The women were certainly old…so why should “age” be a “get free” card?