There is something strange going on in the United States of America regarding the issue of employment. it requires about 140,000 new jobs each month to handle the number of people who are entering the labor market. The January total was 36,000 but the unemployment rate dropped from 9.4% to 9%. Huh! How can unemployment drop when the number of unemployed people is rising? For the past two months, an insufficient number of new jobs has been created but the unemployment figures continue dropping. One increasingly is left with the conclusion that employment figures are not telling us what is going on in this nation’s working population. We have a president who is charged with being “anti-business” who props up business and banking institutions and surrounds himself with Wall Street and large corporation types which is rather bizarre behavior for one who supposedly is hostile to capitalism. In 2009, instead of focusing on job creation he stoked his ego by making health care the prime–if not only– major topic on his agenda. Republicans continue believing it is debt reduction, not creation of new jobs that is the prime goal of government.

There is not a member of the Cabinet nor any leading Republican whose constituency is the American worker. So, what about those missing people working? We are left with the logical conclusion that millions of people have simply left the working force. Perhaps, many have disappeared into those working who are paid under the table or they are being subsidized by family. The American worker cries out for someone in government who is concerned about their needs.