Mystery Unfolds-Medvedev Asks Putin To Be Prime Minister

Dimitry Medvedev, who was anointed by President Putin to be his choice as the next president of Russia announced he was asking Vladmir Putin to serve in his cabinet as the prime minister. “I am calling on Putin to agree to become the head of the Russian government after the election of the new president.” Medvedev emphasized that Russia was fast becoming a prosperous nation and the world was giving it new respect due to the leadership of Putin. “We are not being lectured like schoolchildren” anymore. Many western observers believe Medvedev is the best choice in terms of future hope that he can move Russia into a more democratic government stance. He does trace his roots back to St. Petersburg which was the home base of Putin, but Medvedev does not have any connections to the old KGB group that surrounds Putin.

Medvedev is not going to immediately transform Russia into a vibrant democracy, but he at least offers hope the Russian government will be more receptive to differing views. Putin assumes Medvedev will stand back and allow the “father” to run the show while the “son” nods his head in agreement. This is not the first time in history when a father wound up surprised at his son’s actions nor is it the first time that son’s rebelled against the father. The best strategy for a new American president would be to dismantle missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and reach out to Medvedev in a new partnership.