Mystery Wrapped In Enigma

Every so often there appears on the world scene a nation that can best be described as a mystery wrapped in an  enigma(courtesy Winston Churchill describing  the Soviet Union). Kim Jong-un is a young squirt who inherited power from dad who inherited power from dad. He has gone on a  verbal rampage during the past month shouting words of defiance and threats to  wipe out the entire world. He warns the US that his missiles can destroy the US or at least Hawaii. Yes, Kim has missiles, their range is still unknown, but apparently Kim does not yet grasp that other nations have missiles and planes that can destroy his nation.

North Korea confirmed that Pak Pong Ju would be the new prime minister. He is known what passes for an economic “reformer” in North Korea. Perhaps, Kim Jong-un  wants the world to give him goodies in return for not destroying it. Perhaps, he wants to convince North Korean generals that he is a tough guy. In the end, he will back down from war or witness the end of his nation.