Myth Of Barack Obama And The Liberal Agenda!

News pundits are writing about President Obama’s switch from his “liberal agenda” to a more moderate one that will place him in the center of the American political spectrum. Unless, I have been on another planet, it is bewildering to read about a “liberal agenda” that has been proposed by Barack Obama, or by anyone. The expression, “liberal agenda-Obama” has been repeated so frequently that many people accept the version of a Democratic “liberal agenda” as the source of problems. From where this pundit sits, Barack Obama has been a CONSERVATIVE in his initial two years as president. Let’s examine the agenda:

1. President Obama made no changes in Bush policies in Iraq. The timetable established by Bush has been maintained.

2. President Obama has not only continued war policies of Bush in Afghanistan, he has expanded the scope and breadth of them.

3. President Obama proposed a national health care plan that was similar to the one enacted by Republican Mitt Romney in Massachusetts as well as programs proposed by such Socialists as Bob Dole and Richard Nixon.

4. President Obama has maintained violations of civil rights to prisoners in Guantanamo prison.

5. President Obama SAVED BANKS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES! Unless I live on another planet, what is ‘LIBERAL” about saving banks??

6. President Obama SAVED GENERAL MOTORS. He did NOT take over the auto company as might have been done by a radical, he saved the company and it is now a healthy CAPITALIST enterprise.

7. Not a whisper of gun control has passed the lips of President Obama.

8. Yes, he did pursue plans to end discrimination against gays and lesbians. BUT, the court case to do this came from A REPUBLICAN GROUP–Log
Cabin Republican!

9. At no point has President Obama endeavored to restrict bonuses paid to themselves by banks and companies that were saved by the federal government

I wish someone would explain to me what was the LIBERAL AGENDA of Barack Obama.