Myth Of Free Education In Kenya

The goverment of Kenya issued a confidential circular to schools which stated the State would only pay fees for students in classes containing between 40-45 students. According to information obtained by the Kenyan Daily Standard, schools in urban and semi-arid areas must have a minimum of 40 studens and a meaximum of 45 in order to qualify for government funding. A few days ago, head teachers and teacher unions claimed classes contained at least 50 students in many places. The Kenya National Union of Teachers noted the Education Act clearly stateds a school should have a minimum of 10 students.

One can only wonder if the Kenya government is still reacting to events of the past few weeks. In any respect, claiming classes must have 40 but not more than 45 makes scant education sense. What exactly is the problem of having 46 or 47 students if a teacher already has 45?