Myth Of Killing Insurgent Leaders

Mahmoud al- Mabhouh was electrocuted and suffocated when a cloth was kept on his face in a hotel room in Dubai. Palestinians claim the Hamas commander was murdered by Israel agents, but, so far no Israel spokesman confirms any action on their part to kill him. Dubai authorities insist Mabhouh was killed by a “criminal gang” who had European passports. This is not the first, and, probably will not be the last time Israel is accused of murdering Palestinian leaders. The Israel government has long charged Mabhouh was the one who planned and supervised bringing weapons into Gaza from Iranian sources.

There is no doubt Israel believes killing leaders will weaken or destroy enemy forces. This is also a theory followed by Americans in Afghanistan since drone attacks more often are directed at specific targets. The assumption of killing leaders is that it results in destroying an enemy force. Is there any evidence to support this hypothesis? Osama bin Laden has not been seen in years, but his group expands in size and continues attacking in Afghanistan and Iraq. If there was no Osama bin Laden would al-Qaeda cease operations in either country? There is absolutely no evidence this theory has resulted in success anywhere.

Members of al-Qaeda are not going home because Osama bin Laden is dead anymore than Hamas supporters are quitting because Mabhouh is dead. Arms will continue flowing from Iran to Gaza just as they have been moving for years. A false theory by any other name is still false.