Mythical Creature Killed In Texas?

The people of Texas are noted for finding mythical creatures that must be killed in order to protect our society from blood sucking animals who take our money and our lives in order to fatten their own bodies. A family in rural Texas noted a strange animal walking across their fields and got their guns and killed the strange beast. They believe this dead marauder is a chupacabra, a mythical animal who resembles a coyote but goes around sucking the blood of other animals and has been cited in various parts of America. We are proud in this blog to present the true story of a mythical beast in Texas who sucks blood and wanders the land seeking victims.

The mythical beast goes by the name of Ted Cruz. He wants to suck the blood of those on Food Stamps because those who feast on this money simply are sucking the blood of our wealthy folk. Ted knows that once a blood sucker gets loose on the range then it is only a matter of time before it is after YOUR money and your home and your life savings. These chupacrabra also go by the name of “unemployed” or “poor,” but their goal is always the same–suck out the very essence of a wealthy person’s savings in order to satisfy their need for money to pay for gambling or drugs or alcohol. Isn’t it about time those in this land who belong to the NRA go into the streets and slaughter the chupacrabra who fill our streets with their lazy bodies and blood sucking mouths!!