Myths And Realities About Muslim Terrorists

The president of the United States declares his goal of capturing terrorists regardless in the world where they might live which is a noble aspiration, but slightly misguided. A recent report by researchers at Duke University and the University of North Carolina entitled: “Anti-Terror Lessons of Muslim Americans” states that since 9/11 most of terror attacks in America were carried out by young men who were either American born or naturalized citizens. Those of Arab background constituted the majority, but close behind them were African Americans, South Asians, Somalis and whites. Despite the rhetoric of fear, it turns out that 70% of these attacks never occurred because the culprits were prevented by police.

The actual figure is since 2001 there have been 139 plans, but 41 of those occurred in 2009. The report emphasizes that local Muslim groups do the best job of preventing terrorism and it would make sense to fund those groups and focus on PREVENTION!