Myths And Realities Of American Generals

Among the ongoing myths about General David Petraeus and other generals who led forces in Iraq and Afghanistan is their triumphs. General Petraeus walks around with a chest filled with ribbons and medals although as of this date he has never WON a battle in a war. The best one can say about his heroics is that he REDUCED terrorist activity. Unlike American generals in World War II, he never broke the back of his opponents and led his men into a triumph defeat  of the enemy.

His so called “surge” in Iraq has never led to triumph over al-Qaeda which is still alive and well in that nation. His so called working with civilians has never led to that end goal and there is scant evidence in Afghanistan that civilian groups are emerging as leaders in the quest to end violence. Frankly, Petraeus is a product of the American media and he is definitely not a Patton or Lee or Grant or Bradley or anyone who actually led Americans into victory over the enemy.