Myths Of Children And Television

The study of children invariably elicits continual studies which attribute violence in their behavior to television or to some form of exposure to the evils of media. The latest study by Daniel Anderson of the University of Massachusetts, claims exposing children to background sounds and images will somehow impede their development. His study of 50 children ages 3,2, and 12 months found that background TV “can be a very effective distraction”from the kind of play that’s critical to helping children learn and develop. He believes children at these young ages have limited ability to sustain their attention and are just beginning complex and symbolic play. He therefore concludes they require quiet time to focus on their development.

During the past half century these “experts” have blamed everything from comic books to music to television as somehow impeding the development of children and making them more violent. The study of 50 children over a period of time who are below the ages of three is NOT a long term study of development. No one knows how they will turn out and the variables entailed in human development makes it uncertain which factors actually played roles in human development.

During the time period from 1991 to the present murder rates in America dropped nearly 50%. Are we to attribute this drop as somehow related to television or to music or to children having access to cell phones or what? There are too many so-called “experts” trying to sell their “studies” as being scientific. They are not. They are the opinions of a person and in no way can be regarded as a scientific study providing insights into human development.

Let’s not forget, Nazi Germany lacked television or rock music.