I recall in September, 1951 being in Ft.Dix when a major brought us together to offer his views on national security. The gist of his talk was that Communists in China and North Korea were going to cross the Pacific Ocean and descend on our girl friends, sisters and mothers in an orgy of rape. I composed this ditty a half century ago:

You had better get them over there
Or they will come over here
And, all you hold dear
Will spend their lives in fear

The other night, President Obama offered the latest version about “national security” and warned that if we don’t want to have them over here, we had better wipe them out over there. Frankly, Mr. President, and with all due respect, that is a crock of shit! The Taliban are not coming over here, even if they regain control of Afghanistan. Yes, they could provide financial support for men who will come to America and blow themselves up, but they could do that with or without Talbian support. Hopefully, we have become more adept at dealing with suicide bombers who want to get on planes and that has nothing to do with the presence of Talibans.

Isn’t it time, an American president focused on real issues in that region? The central threat to the security of the United States is Pakistan and its arsenal of nuclear weapons. That is the only significant threat to the national security of the United States. It would be terrible for the people of Afghanistan if the Taliban returned. Unfortunately, the present government is more alike the Taliban than different so the choices available to the United States in Afghanistan are limited.

An objective analysis of the situation in southeast Asia would indicate the conflict between Pakistan and India remains the most serious threat to stability in the region. If Pakistan and India could resolve the Kahsmir conflict and work out differences, then a Pakistan army of 800,000 would be free to focus on dealing with the Taliban in border regions. I hate to tell you this, Mr. President, but there ARE ENOUGH TROOPS available in Pakistan if their conflict with India was resolved.

Perhaps, step one would be quiet American diplomatic effort to have Indonesia, Pakistan and India come together since they represent the major nations of the region. America could serve to assist whatever they agree to do. Remember, India is as much concerned about terrorism in the region as Pakistan.

So, President Obama, knock off the famous lecture about “national security” and start working the diplomatic aspect.

I can assure one and all, the Taliban navy will not be sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Women can sleep safely– unless, they have violent males around.