We offer views on the human condition through the lens of a 78 year old man who can not cease thinking like a twenty year old.

I heard an eloquent reasoned defense of ending abortion on the Jon Stewart show by former Governor Mike Huckabee. But, his supporters on this issue consistently refuse to vote for free medical care for children, good wages and good housing for parents. The hypocrisy of his followers is they are concerned about “life” until it is born. Then, the child is on his/her own.

I become upset at any physical alteration of my favorite diner. What is, must be.

I witnessed a nonstop rain and understood why my ancestors believed there were gods up in the sky who created this turmoil.

There ought to be a law preventing coming attractions from revealing the entire plot of the picture they are advertising.

I can’t figure out how the European Union accepts the Irish and refuses the Turks(my wife is a good Irish lass so I can get away with this one).

I saw a man reading the New Yorker while listening to music. I know music soothe the savage beast, but does it help to concentrate?

I frequently receive comments from critics saying I too frequently insult opponents. This view is made by people who write that poor people are lazy and blacks are criminals. In their view when they insult it is simply telling the truth.

David Letterman’s comment was beyond the pale.

People who highlight library books should be sent to Saudi Arabia to have their arms cut off

Left wing opponents of Israel apparently believe silence and ignoring the situation is the best way to deal with the atrocities in Iran caused by Ahmadinejad.