Naked In Egypt?

Fundamentalists insist upon a strict interpretation of the Koran, or at least what they consider to be a strict interpretation. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to restore a conservative world in which women know their place, they dress in an appropriate manner and all is as God wants it to be. Unfortunately, for these people,  tourism accounts for about one-tenth of the economy, and for some strange reason, foreigners do not seek a vacation in a land governed by an Islamic code of life. The Ministry of Tourism is now recommending booze and bikinis in order to bring dollars and jobs back to Egypt. Sorry, if tourists can drink and cavort half naked, how does one tell the difference between a local and a foreign person?

To  make matters worse, tourist officials would like to lure folk from Iran but they are  Shiites and the  local Sunnis will not enjoy the company of  heretics. When one lives the life of one governed by a particular code of thinking, dollars do not come your way.

I wonder if tourist officials have considered Jews?