Naked In Peace

Turkey once again reveals the split within Muslim societies between those seeking to enter the 21st century and those turning backward. Of course, this same issue confronts Christian nations such as the United States which has a large percent of its population believing the world began 10,000 years ago. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan wants to impose his brand of Islam upon a population which regards itself as Muslim but with different goals. Thousands have been protesting against his authoritarian manner of governance and the conflict daily grows more intense. Erdogan denounces “violence” and promises action to restore “peace.”

The latest manifestation of “violence” is the presence of dozens of individuals simply standing quietly in order to signify their human presence does not agree with Erdogan. The other day Mine Dost appeared in the square wearing a bikini. She danced and played music unlike others simply standing in silent protest. Her noisy silent form of protest led to the jail. Such is the outcome of a democratic form of protest.