Naked Truth About Berlusconi

Rumoers are circulating about the existence of pictures which depict Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in a naked pose. His lawyers claim there are no such images of the man who stands upright as a man who is upright in all aspects of his life. They insist these photos are probably “fake, manipulated pictures, phot montages.” As for the reported price for a naked photo of Silvio, the going rate is about $1,300,000. Reports indicate that teen age prostitute, “Ruby the Heart Stealer” might have had a role in securing these images of the Italian leader.

Frankly, we believe Silvio has nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing the world to see him naked in an upright position. Yes, Silvio fears his government might fall if he is convicted of paying for sex with an under-age girl, but as long as his body reveals him as an upright man, what does he have to lose? Silvio, go for it, let them place you on trial. Then, the entire world can see what an upright guy you really are!