Nakoula Not Kool!

There is a man named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula who claims to be a Jew or a Coptic Christian or member of some religion while seeking to explain his epic film tale of the trials and tribulations of the Muslim religion. Mitt Romney wants to protect the Nakoula man’s freedom of speech, the president of the United States wants to protect the Nakoula man’s freedom  of speech, but for some strange reason many Muslims in the world want to end his freedom of speech by killing the dude.

Apparently the Nakoula man is  director of the film  about Muslims. Of course, if Muslims in the world had ignored this film as simply an exercise in being stupid, the world would never have heard of the Nakoula man. For some strange reason, there are millions of Muslims who sit around worrying about every silly action by someone that impacts their religious beliefs. How about ignoring such individuals and going about your business?

Or, the anger  could be directed at Bashar al-Assad who has killed over 26,000 Muslims! Now, that would be a first, getting furious at those who kill Muslims rather than going wild about those who speak incorrectly about Muslims.