Name Gun Owners?

A newspaper, the Journal News has created a furor because it decided to print the name and addresses of those in Rockland and Westchester  counties who had a legal right to possess a handgun. Critics are furious their names are being  made public. Some claim this information would result in nut cases  going after gun owners. Critics also insist this information damages the rights of gun owners. I am confused. Why would any sane criminal attempt to rob a house when they know its owner has a gun? I would assume publishing these names and addresses ensures occupants will NOT be robbed?

Actually, the Journal News did a favor for gun owners. From now on their homes are safe from criminal entry. I assume if those possessing assault weapons had their names and addresses published no criminal would come within a block of their home. Relax gun owners and send a letter of appreciation to Janet Hasson publisher of the Journal News.