Sarah Palin is upset at the idea of having tax deductions for women to purchase breast pumps. She terms this an example of, “Nanny Government.” We offer other examples of “Nanny Government.”

1. General Motors was provided loans in order to avoid bankruptcy.

2. Wall Street Bankers and insurance companies were provided loans to prevent their collapse.

3. Businessmen can deduct lunch and dinner expenses for tax purposes.

4. Farmers receive billions in order to cease farming.

5. Veterans who failed to be careful, were wounded and now the Nanny Government has to pay for their medical care.

6. States are given money to build highways, bridges and ports.

7. Business is provided tariff protection to keep out foreign goods.

8. K-12 schools are free for children. This is an example of prejudice against wealthy people.

9. People can deduct on taxes for charitable donations.

10. And, worse of all, women can deduct on income tax for purchasing a breast pump!!