Nanny State

The gathering of the faithful at the National Rifle Association was treated to words of wisdom from Glenn Beck, the apostle of love, charity and warmth to all humans. Of course, when he refers to decent folk, he means those who listen to him speak, those whose skins are very white, and those who  have at least a few hundred thousand in the bank. Glenn is upset at “the nanny state.” By that he means a  government which does not grasp its duty is protecting those with millions so they can accumulate more millions.

As far as I can recall, Glenn was silent when the nanny state of George Bush send thousands to their deaths. As far as I recall, Glenn did not utter a word about the “oppressive state” when the government arrested innocent people. According to the gospel of Glenn Beck, any tax upon those with wealth is an abomination and represents denial of God’s word.

A true government that represents the “people” would issue a gun to every newborn child.