Narcissistic Generation

I am a man of 82, who has spent his life with Americans during most of the 20th century and all during the 21st. During my  lifetime, I have been engaged with rebels of the 1960s who wanted to end war in Vietnam or work for civil rights in our nation. They engaged in rather narcissistic sexual encounters, which at times made this old man feel jealous, but I also understood their glorification of the body was liberating for all members of society. That generation of narcissistic youth is over and today we have a new narcissistic group.

I find the current narcissistic generation more concerned for their personal self rather than for society. There is no movement to end poverty in this nation, no movement to ensure all have access to health. Instead, all too many complaints that “the government” is too concerned for those without rather than helping those who have. I find sad the lack of concern for poor Americans whose needs are not paramount to a generation more concerned with what someone  ate today and has to tell all on Facebook about their personal daily experiences.

We have a sad generation of narcissistic individuals whose lack of concern for others will result in one day impacting their daily lives. The wealthy get wealthier, the middle class gets smaller, and self indulgence will not create a new democratic society.